so sissy came to visit this weekend and wanted to get her first tattoo. so naturally, we went together and I got one too.

basement is coming to detroit this summer. I’m going. who’s coming with me.

the sun in my world just shines so much brighter when you’re not hanging over my head clouding my judgement.

sorry, guys. I’m just literally never not busy any more. I only have 10 more weeks of school left. holy shit.

boyfriend came to toronto an stayed with me for 9 days. holy poop that’s a lot of fuckin days. good thing he’s cute and I love him.

"yeah I saw you tastefully ignoring it"

-Katie commenting on me skillfully ignoring the uncomfortable argument going on beside us during my exam.
“you didn’t even give me crazy eyes or anything.”

Anonymous said:

Hey there, I'm interested in going to Complections and I was wondering if you could give me any tips or information about applying from a students point of view :)

hey! complections is totally amazing. moving to canada to be able to attend school here is probably the greatest decision I’ve ever made. if you’d like to talk some more about it, it would probably be easier if you came off anon. don’t be shy! :)

lol bye hater