oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys. I landed an interview to do makeup at nordstroms. awwwww shit.

got so distracted by kailee and her new melt cosmetics lippy that I packed a full bowl and just left it sitting there so I could go online and buy my own shades. what has my life become?

just applied for like 4 dream jobs. help. I’m scared.

so sissy came to visit this weekend and wanted to get her first tattoo. so naturally, we went together and I got one too.

basement is coming to detroit this summer. I’m going. who’s coming with me.

the sun in my world just shines so much brighter when you’re not hanging over my head clouding my judgement.

sorry, guys. I’m just literally never not busy any more. I only have 10 more weeks of school left. holy shit.

boyfriend came to toronto an stayed with me for 9 days. holy poop that’s a lot of fuckin days. good thing he’s cute and I love him.